When do international fares go on sale? Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) NZDT 8am - 6pm. Offers available to new , approved HSBC credit cardholders. Please note: Online Services is not currently available for residents of Continential Europe. Be electronically ticketed - paper tickets will not be accessible, Not have been made as an international "multi-city" booking. Flight restrictions and routing restrictions apply. If you entered your login details on a suspicious site, If you opened an attachment, scan your device for viruses, If you've received a phishing email at work, follow your business policy, You will be asked to confirm your contact information (email address and mobile number), A passcode will be sent to you via your updated contact information, You will need to confirm the passcode you received on the verification page to validate your updated contact information. You'll see your Airpoints number and profile name displayed on the top right of your browser window too. } Any status granted under the HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card (including any corresponding status tier in the Frequent Flyer Program of the participating Star Alliance Member Airline you nominate as your Status Airline) is withdrawn immediately if you close your HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card account. Once you have added a person to your Gifting Register, your giftees name(s) will appear in a list on theEnter Passenger Detailspage. We understand COVID-19 travel restrictions may impact your Airpoints membership. AirNewZealand lounge passes are not available for purchase. } It could still be a phishing or malware site, so still take care. I have recently changed my name, how does this affect my Airpoints membership? Alternatively, if you wish to pay for rewards with your AirpointsDollars for your partner or another household member you can do this by creating a Gifting Register. You'll also earn Status Points when you fly with us or our partner airlines, which upgrade your membership tier to Silver, Gold or Elite giving you access to a range of great travel benefits. If you have forgotten your username, click here to request it to be emailed to you. Find out what you canspend your AirpointsDollars on. * excluding greenlight grabaseat fares via grabaseat.co.nzand fares purchased using AirpointsDollars. Here's what to do: Please note, you can't change your actual account name or date of birth in the personal details section of the profile menu. Other contact options Flight enquiries - New Zealand 0800 737 000 - Overseas +64 (0)9 357 3000. Air New Zealand Privacy & Security Policy. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism. I was in the middle of booking but the ticket sold why did this happen? Check your balance, special offers and more. If you receive a verification code from AirNewZealand that you did not expect or request for example you haven't been using your account or been engaging with us, it could mean someone is trying to access your account. Please note that if you change your country of residence to or from Australia more than twice in a 12 month period, you may be charged a service fee of $25 or 25 AirpointsDollars. For flights with AirNewZealand and our partner airlines, use ourAirpoints calculatorto see what you'll earn on a specific flight. (AirNewZealand reference numbers end in "H".). It also gives some assurance that the site name has been officially registered but it does not always guarantee that it can be trusted. These fares are only available online for one day only or until sold out. Book via a travel agent: Provide your travel agent with your Airpoints number at your time of booking. For further information, or to apply now, visit Westpac or call 0800 888 111. Yes, if you purchase your fare on our New Zealand or Australian websites or from our contact centre (service fees apply). , you can view, change and cancel your booking, Check to see if your booking has been held in credit, Add an extra bag or two to your baggage allowance, Confirm your contact details so we can keep you updated. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Book by phone: Have your Airpoints membership number ready when you call the Air New Zealand Airpoints contact centre in Australia on 1800 803 298. and he will do his best to retrieve it for you. height: 42px; You'll earn Status Points every time you fly with us* or on selected services from Star Alliance and other partner airlines. Then you can spend your AirpointsDollars on flights and OneUp upgrades. I'm already an Airpoints member - do I need to register again? But please note, you can only do this at the time your book your flight. Thank you for your patience. Once you have added a person to your Gifting Register, your giftees name(s) will appear in a list on theEnter Passenger Detailspage. Pro-tip: For the best Oscar experience,sign in to the website first. In addition, you can't pay for part of a gift with AirpointsDollars and the rest with cash. font-size: 0.9375rem; See information on how you can use your credit. 5. How often do new deals go on sale? How do I know how many Airpoints I'm earning? Your Airpoints number if you have an Airpoints related enquiry. In the air, you can earn AirpointsDollars on many AirNewZealand and Star Alliance flights. What happens if I fail to complete the email and mobile verification process? See the Elite Airpoints Dollar upgrade chart. See which Star Alliance booking classes are eligible for upgrade and how many AirpointsDollars are required for a Star Alliance upgrade. Transferring AirpointsDollars to another member's account is not allowed under the Airpoints Programme. Airpoints is AirNewZealand's loyalty programme, and anyone in the world is welcome to join. . You can also sign in to the Air NZ app, which will display your upcoming Air New Zealand flights. If you believe your Airpoints account has been accessed by someone else without your consent, reset your password and verify your contact and profile information immediately. Gold Airpoints members can gift their AirpointsDollars to two nominated recipients who live outside their household per year. You can head to the sign-in page and click 'Forgot your password' torequest a password reset. Pre-seasoned and ready to use, Lodge Cast Iron skillets are manufactured under tightly controlled metal chemistry and exacting mold tolerances to deliver a consistent product for even heating and superior cooking performance. If you use the same email and password combination elsewhere, it's a good idea to check those accounts and update those passwords too. Redeem your Airpoints for free Air New Zealand flights Get Deal 2 uses today 5% OFF Over 5% off when booking a flight and rental car together at Air New Zealand Get Deal FROM $330 Featured Flights: Best fares at Air New Zealand starting from $330 Get Deal View Details 20% BONUS Safety videos. To start, please enter your username. We're working on our mobile booking capability, but at the moment you cannot use AirpointsDollars for seat select. Currently it is not mandatory, but highly recommended as it helps us add an extra layer to authenticate you and stop unauthorised access to your account. Airpoints is Air New Zealand's loyalty programme where travellers can earn Airpoints dollars and then exchange the points for rewards, including flights and rental cars. Image courtesy of airnewzealand.com. Remember, you can view, change and cancel your booking online, or log into your Airpoints account to retrieve your details. Accountability for the subscriber base across the owned Customer Loyalty programmes, and execution of strategic Loyalty partnerships. The Airpoints credit cards are issued by Kiwibank Limited . The app also lets you use your retail and travel, Watching your AirpointsDollars and Status Points add up is easy with your online account. Westpac Airpoints credit cards comparison table If you've not registered yet, you can register for Airpoints online. How do I update my details? If your Airpoints member name and your travel name don't match, we need to know you 'are you' before we award your AirpointsDollars, so in that case you'll need to email us with copies of: If you update your Airpoints and Koru name details, the process will all be automatic as your details will match. Prices are per person, child discounts do not apply. If you are travelling domestically (within NZ) and don't have a passport, or if your passport is still in your previous name, you can email us with a copy of your marriage certificate, driver licence or other identification document verifying your new name and date of birth. } We continually take measures to increase cyber security to protect you when you're engaging with AirNewZealand online. You should immediately receive your confirmation email, Your best bet is to check the grabaseat website regularly, If you can browse the web on your mobile phone then you can also get this information from. Discover the possibilities for yourself and be rewarded for the things you do every day. On your sign in page, select 'Your profile', (it's on the 'Kia Ora' tile on the left toward the top of the page), From your profile menu, select the type of detail you'd like to update, Make your changes and hit the 'save details' tile. .content.header-bottom { The Australian carrier, which has a smaller New Zealand membership base with Velocity, has "an inheritance process in place to support member's family and friends" and the member's points can be. The name on your Airpoints or Koru account must always match the name on your current passport. For everyday shopping with our Airpoints partners, select the partner from ourAirpoints Partnerpage and click through to their own Airpoints page. It also generates unique and strong passwords for your use. How to Sign in to Your Air New Zealand Airpoints Account The login page will require either an Airpoints number, username, or email, and a password to access your account. You can continue earning with our Airpoints partners during this time. You can use AirpointsDollars to pay for Koru membership. Programme Rewards Members earn 2.50 Airpoints Dollars per day's rental, on all qualifying rentals*. Set your contact details, flight preferences and more. Your flight was no more than 30 days before you joined Airpoints if you've joined recently. What time do greenlight deals go on sale? or combination of words that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess. For ANZ Visa Business cardholders APD earn will reduce from APD1 per NZ$75 to APD1 per NZ$85, or APD1 per NZ$50 of spend with Air New Zealand (for the first NZ$25,000 per annum). Pro-tip: For the best Oscar experience, sign in to the website first. display: block !important; You can also check the most recent Airpoints email you received, as your latest balance as of the send date will be shown there. Air New Zealand has apologised after some of its airpoints members have had their information stolen. display: flex; TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for1800 132 476. Airpoints is AirNewZealand's loyalty programme. If you fail to complete the email and mobile verification process, you may not be able to complete your transaction. Please note: Online Services is not currently available for residents of Continential Europe. .content.header-bottom .usp-content > div { Domestic. For members residing in New Zealand or anywhere other than Australia, one Airpoints Dollar is equivalent to one New Zealand Dollar. To make sure your account is kept safe, you may be asked to verify your identity by providing a code that has been sent via text or emailed to you. Now $655 (Was $871) on Tripadvisor: Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club, A Marriott Vacation Club Resort, Oahu. Remember, you can view, change and cancel your booking online, or log into your Airpoints account to retrieve your details. And there's plenty of more ways he can help. https://ib.airnewzealandcreditcard.co.nz/login. You'll also discover a variety of accommodations for your family's needs including 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments and townhouses. Missed out on AirpointsDollars? Can I exchange my AirpointsDollars for cash? Eligible purchases exclude interest free promotional purchases, balance transfers, cash transfers, business expenses, cash advances, fees and charges, BPAY, any disputed transactions and government fees and charges. You can click on the "find more dates" button to search for other dates. The deals that are still showing will be for specific flights and travel dates, and the number of seats left can be spread over different flights on different days. To save you waiting, our Oscar the chatbotmay be able to assist. Visit airnewzealand.co.nz/koru for details. Check ourtravel partnerspage for your AirpointsDollars earning power on hotels, rental cars, taxis, insurance, parking and more. Here's a simple guide to get back on course and make the most of your rewards. Just select the name(s) of the traveller(s) you would like to gift an Airpoints reward to. Here are some suggestions to fix the problem. You can earn AirpointsDollars in the air and on the ground. Visit www.hsbc.com.au or call 1 300 30 8 880. This varies week to week, but there are often several thousand seats available. A password manager stores all your passwords securely, so you do not need to remember them. This is a security feature to protect your account. Are grabaseat deals only available online? No. Personal information irrespective of whether the account is active or inactive will be handled as per AirNewZealand's Privacy Policy, What to do when you notice suspicious cyber activities, Steps AirNewZealand takes to enhance cyber security, Frequently asked questions about cyber security. You can also purchase a Star Alliance upgrade using AirpointsDollars. Elite members can gift Airpoints Rewards to four nominated people who live outside their household per year. 300 bonus Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars will be awarded to the eligible Card Member's Account 8-10 weeks after the spend criteria has been met. Select 'Your balances' on screen to see your AirpointsDollars and Shairpoints balance (and much more), Your flight was in the last six months if you are an existing Airpoints member, Your flight was eligible to earn AirpointsDollars and Status Points, If it was a business flight, you were a member of Airpoints for Business when you flew. You can register for email alerts, bringing our best deals to your inbox each morning. I've lost my Airpoints card, or it's been stolen. Star Alliance Gold status is granted through the corresponding status tier in the Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) of the participating Star Alliance Member Airline you nominate as your Status Airline through the Star Alliance Rewards Program. Pro-tip: sign in to the website first, for the best Oscar experience. You can use your Airpoints Dollars to book a flight. When you earn AirpointsDollars, points or miles in one frequent flyer programme, they cannot be transferred to a different programme. , you can view, change and cancel your booking, Check to see if your booking has been held in credit, Add an extra bag or two to your baggage allowance, Confirm your contact details so we can keep you updated. If you've recently received an email from Air New Zealand informing you of a credit of over $300, unfortunately it's not true. Watching your AirpointsDollars and Status Points add up is easy with your online account. Simply click on the "sign in" button on airnz.co.nz and enter your membership number and password to manage your profile, see how you've earned AirpointsDollars and Status Points, or to spend your AirpointsDollars. Transaction limits and other reasonable redemption conditions of Star Alliance Rewards apply. However, Koru members do have the option to purchase a Koru Guest Card which allows the member to bring an additional guest into AirNewZealand Lounges provided that both travellers are departing on an AirNewZealand operated flight, with an AirNewZealand ticket and flight number. I forgot my grabaseat password or user nameYou can reset these at any time. You can now sign up to receive grabaseat email alerts. If you go to ourAirpoints Mallyou'll find your earn rate on all our international and local brands. Download the Grabaseat mobile app through. If you've lost your Airpoints card, you can use the digital version of your Airpoints card in the Air NZ app. Anyone can join and membership is free. However, you can gift rewards to anyone who lives at the same address as you do by adding them to your Gifting Register. AirNewZealand lounge passes are not available for purchase. You will need your booking reference and the last name on the booking. No, AirpointsDollars can only be earned, not purchased. how to make someone fart with their legs,

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